Learn the alchemy

True Human Beings know:

The moment you accept

what trouble you’ve been given,

the door opens.


Are you looking for a path of self-discovery, healing and growth that incorporates body, soul and spirit?

Are you interested in learning how to take the suffering in your life, disorders in your body, psyche, relationships or traumatic events you’ve experienced and turn them into your greatest tool for transformation and learning?


I look at the physical or body related issues as part of the complex whole that is you. Often mood related disorder such as depression, anxiety and insomnia are correlated with inflammation due to stress, diet, and other physical imbalances. We look for and treat any chemical imbalances, dietary sensitivities, healthy exercise, and supplementation. I often refer clients to Naturopathic Doctors, Psychiatrists, Acupuncturists or Chiropractors for supplemental therapies.


I work with the soul, using the exploration of your biography in order to locate and heal developmental traumas. Since 95% of our mind is preprogrammed unconscious patterns, I use tools that allow us to access that which normally remains unconscious. Often the issues of depression, anxiety and insomnia can be linked to unconscious negative beliefs stemming from stressful and traumatic experience. The tools I use are:

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).
  • Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)
  • Flower essence therapy.
  • Homeopathic remedies.
  • Mindfulness meditation.

All of these tools are powerful ways to access the sub and supra-conscious mind and break stuck or preprogrammed emotional-energetic patterns of stress and trauma.


I work with the spirit in counseling through meditation, prayer and dreamwork, modalities that tap into the spiritual or supra-conscious realms. In sessions, we are always seeking for what creates a meaningful and existentially rich life. Some areas that are most important in the spiritual work are around questions of letting go of control, trust, and surrender.

This threefold approach is both a top down and bottom up process and always through the middle.


Relationships require the deepest and most challenging tasks in self-development. Through our love of one another we must meet our shadows, projections, our baggage we bring with us from childhood. Likewise, we become the screen for our partners shadow and projections. If both parties in a relationship are not willing to take accountability and resist playing the blame game, take ownership for their issues, then communication always fails. Our partner can become our greatest teacher/healer on the path to wholeness if we are willing to approach our issues with gratitude, wonder, devotion and a willingness to risk vulnerability.

If you are a couple dealing with breakdowns in communication, parenting, finances, sex and blended families I can help. I teach you the skills necessary to create a healthy, intimate and deep relationship.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Couples who seek help earlier in their relationship have much higher success rates of having satisfying and committed relationships!